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Funk in the First Degree - Funk Music Talk and Interviews

Welcome to Funk In The First Degree where we talk about all things, "Funky".

May 3, 2023

On this episode from the Funk In The  Funk Degree archives, John and Roundtabler alumnus Dr. G (George Darden) remember and discuss the impact of James Brown on Funk and  Pop music  in this revealing episode.

Apr 16, 2023

John has news for your ears from the Funkisphere in this revealing episode.

Feb 27, 2023

John remembers original Roundtabler, DJ Mike Hall who passed away recently.   Here is a repost of a past episode he participated in.

Rest In Power Mike Hall

Jan 26, 2023

After almost a five year absence, the Roundtable is back for another exciting episode.

Jan 12, 2023

After almost a six year absence Bob Davis returns to the Funkisphere in this riveting episode.